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Packing Custom Fonts for NixOS

I have been using NixOS for a long time. And I am very happy with it. It is very stable and easy to configure. With NixOS, installing and configuring famous and open-source fonts is already very straightforward. Here is my font configuration in configuration.nix: fonts = { fontDir.enable = true; enableGhostscriptFonts = true; packages = with pkgs; [ cantarell-fonts hack-font inter jetbrains-mono liberation_ttf monaspace noto-fonts ubuntu_font_family (nerdfonts.override { fonts = [ "FiraCode" "DroidSansMono" "JetBrainsMono" ]; }) ]; }; Things get a little bit complicated when you want to use a custom or any commercial font that is not available in Nix packages....

April 5, 2024 路 3 min 路 Ali Oguzhan Yildiz
My old Quick Fire Stealth

Dual Function Keys on NixOS

Dual Function Keys is a plugin for Interception Tools. It is great for modifying keys. It allows you to configure a key for both holding and tapping actions. For example, you can configure the Caps Lock key to act as Escape when tapped and Control when held. I am using this plugin to modify my Shift keys. When tapped, they act as ( and ) respectively. When held, they act as Shift key....

November 5, 2022 路 2 min 路 Ali Oguzhan Yildiz

Show Missing Users in Gnome Login Screen

When you install and configure the NixOS with Gnome from minimal image, it is possible that you will not see the existing user(s) in the login screen. It expects you to type your username and password. I know it is not a big deal. But, it is annoying. This is because the user you configured in your configuration.nix file, somehow, is identified as a system user. So, it is not shown in the login screen....

August 7, 2022 路 1 min 路 Ali Oguzhan Yildiz

Adjusting Chrome's Scaling Factor on Ubuntu

If you are a using 4K monitor with your Full HD laptop, it is highly possible that you will end up having scaling problems at some point. Because Fractional Scaling is not a complete solution. Scaling to fractional values causes blurry renderings most of the time. So you have three options: 1 - Setting the external monitor resolution to 1920x1080 which is something I wouldn鈥檛 want to look at. Things got blurry most of the time....

January 28, 2021 路 3 min 路 Ali Oguzhan Yildiz
A photo of my K2 and Quickfire Stealth

A Modern Space Cadet but for Linux

Motivation When I was using a Macbook, after reading Modern Space Cadet by Steve Losh in 2014, I decided to apply some of the suggestions from that article. I first tried the Caps Lock mapping. Which is basically caps lock is acting as a Control key when pressed with another key and Escape when pressed alone. I liked that. After one week or so, I tried another suggestion from the same article: Better Shifting which is way more fun and efficient than my previous attempt....

December 31, 2020 路 5 min 路 Ali Oguzhan Yildiz